Anneliese Shaw at Grand Chapel Studios

Anneliese Shaw, Music Producer

I never intended to become a Music Producer, but I do have a Fine Art degree, a history of designing and directing music videos and collaborating with both visual and audio Artists. The projects are so varied I’m not going go into them right here for now, but please feel free to chat to me about those.

Falling into Music Production was lucky really, because I enjoy it and have found what I really love to do. Artists and Bands asked to work with me at my studio, as they liked the sounds that I was creating with them. A bit about that… In 2012 I bought an old listed building with beautiful acoustics and built a recording studio into it. So now, I’m Owner and Studio Manager of Grand Chapel Studios and work closely on most projects with Michael Pearce who is an ace sound engineer.

So, if you’d like to get in touch, please use the contact form below and I’ll get back to you. Follow me on INSTAGRAM here

Some recent Projects

Chilcraft – Humans
Humans – Single

Chilcraft -The Love You Gave
The Love You Gave – EP

Tom Dibb
Fight The Good Fight

Tom Dibb


Daisy Chute

Mother, Maiden, Crone


Mind Of Steel

Tom Dibb

Puppet Queen / We Call Jump

Dolly Mavies

Wait For Me

French Mothers

Civic Coliseum / Age